How can I reach you?

I can be reached at


Can I ship you my gun?

I do not have an FFL at this time so I cannot recieve your gun. When making a set of custom grips, I work from my own frames, using several in each size to assure a nice final fit. This method has worked very well for my customers.

What guns do you make grips for?

  • Smith & Wesson revolvers in J, K, L and N frames (both Pre-war and Post-war)
  • Smith & Wesson automatics Models 39 and 52
  • Colt I frame revolvers, Officers Model, Python (and any other Colt I frame guns)
  • Colt 1911 pattern (full size only - none of the shortened or modified guns)
  • Ruger Single-Actions (with one-piece grip frames)


How many people work at KB Grips?

I am the only employee of KB Grips. I started my business in 2007, and have been handling all aspects of the custom grip-making myself since then.  


Why does it take so long to get my grips?

Each set of grips is made exclusively by me; there is no automation, no mass production, and no other producer involved in the process. I carve each set entirely by hand and each set is completely customized to the customer's hand shape and ergonomics. Thus, the making of a set of grips takes some time. However, although the process takes longer, the grip will be customized to your hand, and will showcase your handgun superbly.